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En las oficinas del Ayuntamiento de Casalarreina y en la taquilla el mismo día del concierto.

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Entrada por concierto: 5€

Abono todos los conciertos: 20€

Emirates NBD Credit Cards - Best Enbd Credit Card Offers nbd credit card offers
Emirates NBD Go4it Gold Credit Card Rewards & Offers. Card members can enjoy the following offers & rewards: Plus Points- Reward Program. Card members can earn rewards in the form of plus points on each spend and can instantly redeem them at their favourite stores.

Credit Cards in UAE & Dubai | Emirates NBD
Your Emirates NBD Credit Card gives you a maximum of 55 interest-free days, provided you continue to pay your outstanding balance in full, by the due date. Emirates NBD Credit Card gives you the flexibility to pay as little as 5% of the outstanding balance each month, and carry forward the …

Credit Cards - Emirates NBD
Enjoy life more with our Credit Cards. Use our Credit Cards and enjoy a wide array of benefits. Credit life insurance on outstanding balance; Get up to 4 supplementary cards; Twice-monthly 20% discounts on rides with Careem; Platinum Credit Card

Credit Cards Offers in UAE | Emirates NBD Promotions
Suvo Sarkar, Executive VP & General Manager, Retail Banking at Emirates NBD said, "The 0% interest installment plan offers all Emirates NBD credit card-holders terrific value through substantial savings on interest!. Typically a cardholder, who purchases a high value item and pays less than full outstanding, is charged interest.

Emirates NBDs 0% interest offer | The National
Emirates NBD provides attractive loan options for expatriates and UAE nationals. There are different Loans available at Emirates NBD like Home Loan & Personal Loan, Car Loan, etc. Credit Cards: Emirates NBD offers various credit cards for different purposes to suit everyone’s needs.

Best Credit Card Offers in KSA | Emirates NBD KSA
Every Emirates NBD credit card offers a maximum of 50% off at more than 500 spas, salons, medical & wellness centers, gyms, and a lot more. GoodTimes. Nearly every Emirates NBD credit card offers as high as 50% off across indoor sports, theme parks, exciting adventures, marine attractions, and a lot more. Travel Discounted Offers

Visa Flexi Credit Card | Emirates NBD
Get a Free For Life Credit Card delivered safely to your doorsteps and receive an AED 300 voucher! Apply for an Emirates NBD Free-For-Life Credit Card, have it sent straight to your doorstep, and get a guaranteed AED 300 noon e-voucher for all your online shopping.. Stay home & stay safe!

Emirates NBD Credit Card Offers in Dubai, UAE - MyMoneySouq
This offer is valid on Emirates NBD Mastercard Platinum and Titanium Credit Cards only. A maximum of 3 free tickets per month can be availed per transaction or per month. The offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Customer needs to choose two tickets to avail the offer. The offer is applicable on 2D Standard and

Emirates NBD Credit Card In UAE - Offers, Eligibility nbd credit card offers
Avail the best promotions and offers on shopping, travel, dining and much more with Emirates NBD. Click to view the full list of promotions!

Movie Tickets Offer - Emirates NBD Mastercard Credit Cards
Get the best credit card offers from Emirates NBD in UAE. Avail the best rewards on shopping, travel, dining and more. Apply now for the best deals!

Visa Platinum Credit Card UAE | Emirates NBD
Credit Cards . 0115 115 113, 015 305 252, 0115 922 738. Rajagiriya, Kollupitiya & Mt. Lavinia. Credit Cards *Terms & Conditions apply. Cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions and offers etc. Maximum transaction value Rs. 10,000 per card/per day

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